Ten Ideas for Your Louisiana Wedding

Albany PlantationThemed weddings are ideal because there are no rules. You create the theme you want, exactly how you want it. There are plenty of themes to choose from when creating a wedding anywhere in Louisiana. Whether it be a Baton Rouge Wedding Reception or a New Orleans Themed evening. Louisiana sure has a lot of unique wedding venues and ideas to choose from. Here are ten ideas for your themed wedding.

Halloween Theme

The main table should be covered in black linen while the guest tables should have orange linen. A group of different sized candles arranged on a round mirror can be a great centerpiece for the head table. The bride can wear a red or black fitted dress with long sleeves.

Hippie Theme

The bride should wear a white vintage dress with her hair down and flowers in her hair. No shoes are needed for a hippie wedding. Invite your guests to engage in the hippie spirit by having them wear tie-dyed shirts and headbands. The music choice is easy with John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix.

Tulip Wedding 

Louisiana Wedding Themes

A glass vase with different colored tulips makes a beautiful centerpiece. Or you can find vases in the shape of a tulip as well, to enhance the flowers within. Tulip wedding favors can be very simple, yet still extravagant if done right. You can purchase bath soaps that are shaped like tulips. Wrap several of them in raffia and tie them with ribbons.

1920s Theme

Decorate the Louisiana wedding venues with photos of Great Garbo and Humphrey Bogart. Use beaded hanging curtains in the doorways. The bride would wear seamed stockings, low heeled pumps, and a flapper dress with fringes. Turn the reception area into a casino with craps and blackjack.

Golf Theme

 A great idea for a wedding favor is a golf ball key chain with the bride and groom names and wedding date engraved on the ball. A local country club can serve as the wedding venue.

Western Theme

Have the wedding in an open prairie with tents for the reception. An old church that has a reception hall is another great idea. The bride and groom would arrive on a horse drawn carriage. Gold bows can decorate Louisiana wedding venues.

Beach Theme

The bride can wear a mermaid style dress or a long sundress complete with a sun hat. Use different types of sea shells to decorate the tables. The bride and groom can arrive stylishly in a dune buggy.

Las Vegas Theme

Albany Plantation

Everything should revolve around Vegas colors: black, red, and white. The bride can have red roses for her bouquet and a white traditional dress. Rent a conference room at a hotel and create your own mini-casino complete with blackjack, poker, and craps.

Dolphin Theme

 Create your own dolphin invitations and customize everything else to match, such as the RSVP cards and reception menus. The bride can add sequins and beads to her gown. The beach would be ideal for the reception. Guest favors can be dolphin key chains with the bride and grooms name engraved.

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Red Theme

The bride can carry a bouquet of red roses of carnations. Frosted bowls with floating rose petals or candles can be used as centerpieces. Red is the perfect color for a Louisiana Wedding.