Louisiana Wedding Venues

Louisiana Offers Many Unique Wedding Venues

      Weddings are a time that is filled with tears of joy and happiness, not only for the bride and groom, but also for their families. Louisiana offers plenty of options for unique and classic wedding venues. From the old world charm of Louisiana plantations to the modern event plazas, Louisiana has plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right place for your wedding.Louisiana Wedding Venues

     The most popular wedding venues Louisiana offers are their historic plantations. Many of these plantations have been around since the early 1800s and have been maintained and restored to their original prestige. Louisiana plantations offer many different venues for your ceremony and reception all on the same land. They can offer different scenic outdoor locations for your ceremony and reception, but also provide alternate locations in case of bad weather. With their large mansions and banquet halls, Louisiana plantations can accommodate any size wedding.

      Albany Plantation offers outdoor spaces with 200-year-old oak trees for a simple backyard wedding, or a garden spot for an elegant backdrop. Plantations offer different atmospheres, from a natural look to the high fashion ballrooms of the upper class. Your perfect day will continue no matter what changes are made or what problems arise.Albany Plantation

Louisiana offers unique wedding locations along the Mississippi River. These locations range from plantations along the river to steamboats that travel the Mississippi River during your magical day. Plantations and farms along the river gives you the best of both worlds; with a scenic ceremony by the river, complete with weeping willows, to a joyous reception behind the mansion. Another option along the Mississippi is steamboats, which travel the river during your ceremony and reception. Steamboats have all your wedding accommodations easily accessible for your guests, and ever-changing scenery for entertainment.Wedding Venues Louisiana

Louisiana has classic wedding venues that will suit any bride who wants a white church wedding. With small quaint chapels speckling the Louisiana countryside, these chapels offer a small intimate atmosphere for a family-oriented wedding. With beautiful lawns and scenic views these chapels offer the option of an outdoor reception to accommodate larger weddings.Albany Plantation

     Along with Louisiana’s elegant plantations and rich countryside, Louisiana has many unique castles to make your fairy tale wedding a dream come true. There is no need to travel to Europe to have your romantic wedding in a castle; Louisiana is home to castles of all architectural designs. These castles offer a medieval atmosphere for your wedding without breaking the bank. They also offer the options of an outdoor wedding or an indoor, elegant ceremony that gives you the royal treatment.Louisiana Wedding Venues

Louisiana may be home to large swamps and alligators, but it also offers many unique wedding venues that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Louisiana offers historic southern plantations that will accommodate your large guest list and create a classic evening of fun and entertainment; country chapels that offer a smaller, more intimate setting for your wedding; and steamboat ceremonies that entertain your guests all evening long.

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