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Selecting the Wedding Venue

   A woman’s wedding day is the one of the most important moments in her life.  It’s special not only because she gets to marry the man she loves, but also because it is a once in a lifetime event that marks the beginning of a new journey.  Although the dress, cake and flowers are top priorities, the wedding venue can also make or break that special day; turn your wedding either into a great success or a terrible disaster.  Choosing the correct venue sets the mood for the rest of the ceremony and there are several aspects to consider in this process: indoor vs. outdoor, budget, and services.Albany Plantation

   Depending on the type of bride that you are and the vision you have for your big day, you may want either an indoor or an outdoor wedding.  With an outdoor ceremony, you have to take into account weather because there’s nothing worse than having your wedding rained on.  It’s always best to have a back-up plan just in case something goes wrong so your day isn’t ruined.  Also, scout out the location well in advance to make sure amenities such as plumbing and electricity are available so you don’t have to bring in port-o-potties and set up lighting.  These aren’t necessarily fun decisions to make, but they will help your wedding day to run more smoothly.  Having a set budget and sticking to it helps to create less stress.

Select Albany Plantation as Your Wedding Location

  At Albany Plantation having an outdoor ceremony with us gives you the vintage feel and atmosphere will surely make your day with us one to remember. Your guests will love the big oaks in the front yard, the garconniere, the photo locations, the large balconies and outdoor dance floor. The plantation also offers multiple places you can setup our custom designed arbor, making each wedding ceremony different, unique and special. Albany Plantation stands out to many brides as a favorite South Louisiana wedding destination.Albany Plantation

  Some weddings can be costly, but if you stick within your means, it doesn’t have to break you.  Being aware of how much it costs to rent your venue and if food and beverages are included is essential to having your perfect wedding day.  Always make sure to double check all prices before purchasing.  Having the right staff and services available ensures that everything will go off without a hitch.

An excellent staff can help to make your wedding day that much more perfect.  An event planner can help you to coordinate and organize everything to your liking.  They are also available when you have questions and concerns and they help to guarantee that things go well.  After all, nobody’s perfect.Albany Plantation

Location, budget and a helpful staff are all essential pieces of the puzzle that is your wedding day.  Without one of the pieces, the puzzle is jagged and doesn’t work, and that’s why choosing the right wedding venue is so important.

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